The Benchlands property is located within the municipal boundaries of the City of Powell River within the qathet Regional District (qRD) in the Cranberry Lake neighbourhood. The Tla’amin People named Cranberry Lake, χaʔaji (Xah ah jee) for the wild cranberries which grew in the lake.

This property is in a strategic location in the heart of Powell River. It is surrounded by the residential edges of Joyce, Timberlane/Dover and Manson Avenues and is connected to the Townsite neighbourhood to the north and the Westview neighbourhood to the south. A few blocks to the southeast is the Cranberry Lake commercial area.

The western boundary of the site is formed by a BC Hydro Right of Way (transmission lines) with Millennium Park and the Powell River Recreation complex to the southwest; and Brooks School, Henderson Elementary and Timberlane Park to the northwest. Wys, McFall, and McGufffie Creeks further define natural boundaries of the site.


Couverdon Real Estate, is seeking to engage the Powell River community to explore development potential of the ~250 acre site. Current zoning allows for large lot residential development. This engagement process will explore opportunities to meet community objectives for a greater mix of housing types, parks and open space. In order to support this process we want to hear from you!


Current and future land use at the Benchlands is governed by the City of Powell River Sustainable Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws. The following information provides specific context with respect to: current designations and regulations; and the potential for this process to shape amendments to better align with opportunities and/or community aspirations.

Evolution of Future Land Use

The Powell River Sustainable Official Community Plan (2014) identifies the Benchlands as a site for “Urban Residential Low Density”, “Employment Centre”, and “Parks, Schools & Green Space”.

This engagement process will help determine how land use designations may need to change to permit a more complete mix of uses, including a more diverse range of housing.

Zoning | a need for amendment

The Zoning Bylaw regulates current uses. Specifically, the
A2 “Large Lot Rural” zone permits low density residential, natural resource and agricultural uses.

A rezoning application (i.e. amendment to the Zoning Bylaw) – reflective of the vision for Benchlands – will be required in order to update zoning permissions and support implementation.

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