Input from the community and stakeholders will be help shape the future of the Benchlands. Feedback will help guide the creation and implementation of the Benchlands Master Plan. Once an application is submitted, the public will also be able to participate through the City-led process.

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Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House on Oct. 25, 2023. You can learn more, review the display materials, and complete your comment form here:

Our comment form is now closed. A summary of feedback will be shared here when complete..

You’re invited to a project update open house, to learn more about the proposed plans for the Benchlands, and how feedback from the community has helped shape it.

Drop in to learn about next steps and ask questions:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2023
  • 4-8 pm
  • Powell River Recreational Complex (Cedar Room) – 5001 Joyce Ave.

  • NOTE: This event is now complete. Materials from the open house and a link to the
    comment form can be found in our Engagement Highlights.


Feedback from the April engagement events have been summarized in a report that will inform the project plan, and be shared with the City of Powell River.

Key takeaways of the feedback include:

  • Build on the strong sense of community in Powell River. We heard that Powell River is increasingly becoming a popular destination for young families as it provides access to recreation, outdoor pursuits, music and culture.
  • Include diverse housing options to accommodate different lifestyles and household types.
  • Include a mix of residential and small-scale commercial spaces to promote walkability and social connection.
  • Enhance green space and trail connectivity to promote an active lifestyle and social well-being.
  • Focus on environmental protection and climate change mitigation efforts on the site.
  • Consider impacts to neighbours and manage vehicular traffic effectively.
  • Continue to engage community members in a transparent process in subsequent planning phases.

An open house and webinar were held to in April to share information about the proposed project and to collect input. This included information about:

  • Current policies and plans that need to be considered as development is planned.
  • Information about the physical space, including environmental features, trails, elevation and more.
  • Summary of the City of Powell River’s housing strategy and how the Benchlands could help goals be achieved.


The “weave” diagram (at right) illustrates how the engagement process brings together community input, technical studies, best practice research, engagement with First Nations, and insights from Council and City staff, to create best solutions. 

We put our trust and confidence in how these different streams work together over time to move from the general to the specific, finding consensus and agreement by working together. Information and ideas from all of these streams interact, leading to shared learning and insight, and the emergence of new ideas throughout the process, from start-up to implementation. We recognize that no single “thread” – input, comment, or activity – determines the outcome, however in terms of land use (i.e. rezoning) decisions, the City Powell River Council is the decision-making authority.


The planning timeline for the Benchlands is outlined in five simplified “phases” to:

  • Understand context
  • Engage community and explore opportunities
  • Develop a masterplan
  • Seek City approval(s)
  • Implement the vision

The planning timeline for the Benchlands is outlined in five simplified “phases”


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